EXHIBITION & NEW WORK: Seed (video prototype #1) is a dynamic landscape depicting material world, displayed on 4K TV, helping its users to overcome Platonic Delusions about reality. You can see it at the exhibition All The Time At Work @ BWA Tarnów until 05.15.

XXI Triennale di Milano

I've created video cover-installation for the exhibition Beauty & Pragmatism (curated by Magda Kochanowska) at the XXI Triennale di Milano. The exhibition, located in Museo della Permanente is open until September 12th.


Superproject is upcoming experimental group exhibition / provisional stage @ Depot Basel, focused on question: What is contemporary? I will show new installation consisting of infographical paintings. Opening: June 13th.

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I'm an artist. I make movies, paintings and graphics, lectures and exhibitions. I create various models serving for understang of the reality. To a good start:

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