How Culture Works?

A practical guide to effective use of culture – a structure that organizes the way we live our lives and how we function, based on scientific research.

2015, HD video, 13m. 10s.
In collaboration with Rafał Dominik and Jakub Maiński


Some people do things well, others don’t. Those who do them well, have more sex and pay their mortgage faster. And that raises a question: is there a general rule defining how to do things well?

What is the link between culture and the pace of paying off mortgage? What does even culture mean? Why do cultures vary and are some of them better then other? Why some parts of culture get outdated, while others haven’t changed for thousands of years? Why some elements can be easily replaced, while others resist change, although they are rather destructive than beneficial? What does multiculturalism mean today?

The movie was created as a part of the project "Multiculturalism does not work? Artists against violence" and is districuted under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND license.

The movie was created by Tymek Borowski in collaboration with Rafał Dominik and Jakub Maiński. The leading part was played by Marta Manowska.