Portraits (2014 - 2016)

Works from series of abstract psychological portraits based on an interviews with "models" (individuals and families), made on commission.

This series had its premiere @ LISTE 2014 art fair in Basel. The presentation had been prepared in collaboration with Pony Project Gallery (run by Aurelia Nowak) and shown at de Appel Gallerist Programme's stand. 

Portrait of Piotr Stasik

2014, PSD file, 2441 x 3229 px (intended for a 60 x 80 cm print)

Piotr Stasik is a documentary filmmaker. He is interested in metaphysics. Most of his movies tell the stories about childhood and its end. Piotr believes that that each of us has his own innate, unique core, unique eseence. Most of us, during adolescence, is deformed and squeezed into unnatural, unified forms. It leads to unhappiness.

Piotr believes that everyone can return to his true nature. In his case, this process leads through making movies and restoring his natural sensitivity.

Portrait of Tomasz Chmal

2014, PSD file, 4016 x 5197 px (intended for a 100 x 130 cm print)

Tomasz Chmal is an energy lawyer, expert and Polish patriot. He deeply believes in God. His strong, traditional, ethical values keep him above the chaotic world of biological existence.

His professional work, but also - in some ways - his vision of the world is about the limited resources. Time of our life is an inevitably limited resource. That’s why he struggles to squeeze out of life as much as possible. He has recently turned 40.

Portrait of Mr. & Mrs. Hubbert

2014, PSD file , 2480 x 3280 px (intended for a 60 x 80cm print)

Mr. and Mrs. Hubbert is a couple of pharmacists. They both consider life as a continual process of developing themselves - gathering wisdom, knowledgem information and ethics - building their own "technique of living". If one does not stop being curious and work on themselves, this process of improvement, adding next blocks, can last a lifetime. Different pieces of knowledge has different sources - because we build our experience basing on different sources.

Structures built by Mr. and Mrs. Hubbert are initially separate, individual. Since the have became a couple, they've started exchange and gather pieces of experience and other elements of their "personal cultures" together. Collaborative gathering results in structure which is more stable, richer and less vulnerable to falling over.

Portrait of Bazylko Family

2015, PSD file , 4016 x 5197 px (intended for a 100 x 130 cm print)