SEED 4k prototype #01

2016, 4K video, 10 minutes

Environment we live in - our flats, offices, cities is based on the minimalistic logic of cuboids, compacting the space and reducing all “distractors”. It’s optimized, static, safe and predictable. (It’s the exact opposite of the environment in which we’ve evolved). Minimalistic interiors influence subconsciously the way of thinking of their users. People become detached form vibrating, fuzzy nature of the material world and lean towards purely abstract, Platonic thinking.

The problem is that applying abstract, academic thinking to real problems usually gets us into trouble. Te stay in touch with reality, it’s good to have a piece of nature at sight. And this is precisely what SEED is. It’s live, dynamic, realtime generated lanscape of the material world displayed on a big 4K screen. Something between an aquarium and a work of art, reminding us, how does the world look like.

Click here to download full text (Polish only)