2016, acrylic and indian ink on canvas, 150 x 190 cm

A map or a globe does not tell stories about the world. They don’t carry any message or thesis, they don’t try to tell us how to live. They show a piece of reality through its selected features (usually topography). They are like models of the world. 

A good model does not have to imitate the modeled phenomena literally, with visual realism. It has to translate phenomena’s inner logic into more visible form. Although it doesn’t have a meaning, it allows us to test various ideas on it and draw conclusions. 
I like to think about some of my works as this kind of sketchy model. A painting is a piece of matter – raw data; so in the end, What You See Is What You Get. It’s up to you, what gain would you draw from the strange artifact – the work of art. When we consider their usability, we could count works of art as members of the same class of objects as decorative globes: furniture for intellectual fitness

When I think about a given, complex problem – especially when this thinking detours to the abstract, Platonic areas – I like to have a look at this kind of dense, complicated matter and remind myself: this is how it really looks like. Reality is made of atoms, not words.